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All Kinds of Sittin' was created out of a desire to ensure that families can find the best: after school sitter, babysitter, date night sitter, dog walker, doula, event sitters, house sitter, mother's helper, nanny, overnight sitter, patient sitter, pet sitter, plant sitters, senior sitter, special needs sitter or tutor for their family needs.

In order to become a sitter on our website, the sitter must be 18 years old or older and they are thoroughly vetted before being able to post their profile on All Kinds of Sittin'.  They submit an application which we review and check their references as well as sweep their social media. If they qualify, we give them a one-on-one interview during which time we check their ID.  If they pass the interview, they must take and pass a background check.  If not certified in their field of choice, sitters have the opportunity to become certified either through All Kinds of Sittin' or another company.  As you can see, we make sure you are getting the best quality sitter available.  Not only do they go through all of that, we also make sure that each and every one of our sitters has the experience and disposition needed to make a great sitter.

If you already have a background check, you can turn it in with your paperwork.  The background check must include: MVR, Education Verification, County Criminal History, National Federal Criminal, Past Employment Verification, Idendity Verification, 50 States Criminal + National Sex Offender and County Civil. If you don't have a current background check, we will run a background check for you at the cost of $29.95. Click here to pay for the background check  Fill out the background check form included in your paperwork and send it back to  The background results should come back instantly once run.

We have a nanny-share program. If you don't want to have a live-in nanny but one that comes 3 times a week instead, you can share your nanny with another family that needs them the days you don't.  Not only do you share the nanny but you also share the cost. 

If you have an large event coming up (family reunion, trade show, wedding, holiday party, job fair, sporting event, product launch, adult party, bat/bar mitzvah, conference, corporate meeting, church events, neighborhood bash, rehearsal dinner, or Quinceañera to name a few) and need several sitters at once, we have an event sitter program available.  You will hire 3-4 sitters depending on the stations you request.  There will be an art station (coloring and drawing), a building station (Legos and building blocks) and a game station (connect 4, chutes and ladders, candy land, etc..). 

The price is $675.00 with a $200.00 deposit (not included in the $675.00) made when booking the event.  Once the event is over, you will pay the sitters directly. 

The following can be added for an additional charge:
     - Age appropriate movie - $20.00
     - Bubble station - $50.00
     - Playdough station - $50.00 per 5 children 
     - Face painting - $50.00
     - Photobooth/Take home polariods - $150.00

To learn more about event sitters, click here

Each of our sitters will earn badges letting you know if they are certified or not, are smokers, have taken a TB skin test, etc.  This will help the clients better choose the perfect sitter for their needs. 

Each day, our sitters will send you pictures and a daily report as to how your house, pets, loved ones, children, plants, etc. are doing.  This will help ease your mind throughout the day. 

Once a year, on different months, we recognize a different group of sitter. For example:  In March we recognize all of our House Sitters and in April we recognize all of our Pet Sitters.  During that time, we send them a thank you note and a small gift.  We also write a blog for that group of sitters and recognize them as well.  

We also recognize each sitter that has been with us a year or more on their anniversary date.  The more years they have been on our site, the bigger the recognition gift.  We will write a blog recognizing that person as well as what they received for their anniversary gift.  

We have a "Pet of the Week" blog we write recognizing a clients pet(s) for the week.  The blog will have a picture of the pet(s), a short video (8 seconds or less, please limit to 4 videos), tell the pet(s) name(s) as well as a little bit about the pet(s) and their owner(s).   We get the pictures directly from our pet sitters/dog walkers daily.  From those pictures, we will choose a pet to be the "Pet of the Week." 

If you are a client or a sitter and you have no idea where to start on writing an ad or a profile, check out our blogs. Our blogs teach clients how to write ads to attract the perfect sitters and they teach sitters how to write the perfect profile to attract clients.  Our blogs also tell you what each sitter does in case you decide you might like to be more than one kind of sitter or if you are a client and not sure which type of sitter to hire, they will help you with that as well.  If you are a new parent and need some tips, there are blogs on that too.

Our referral program is for sitters and clients.  For every person you refer, whether sitter or client, you will receive a $20.00 gift card.  The stipulations are that if they are a sitter, they must join our team and once they have completed their first job you will receive your gift card.  if a client, the client must join our team and use one of our sitters.  once the job is completed, you will receive your gift card. 

We have an online store where you can purchase books, courses, coffee mugs, backpacks, tote bags, laptop covers, masks, tumblers, cell phone covers, T-shirts and babydolls. 

Juggling life and a career is a challenge, let us find someone to help make that easier for you. Become a member of All Kinds of Sittin' and we’ll find the perfect match for your family’s needs in no time.

On holidays (New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Valentine's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day) all booking fees will be $30.00 and the pricing plans won't be available during this time.  

If you are a business and would like to advertise on our website, go to our pricing & plans tab and sign up for our monthly advertising plan.  Please be sure your business is related to the types of sitting we offer.  

If you would like to have a TB skin test done, you can go to you local CVS or Walgreens and they charge $20.00 per test.  They will also read they results for you. 

Doulas must either be certified or have experience in their field. Certifications in Doula (birth and postpartum) class is $25.00 month until the course is completed + the cost of 2 mandatory books $30.00.  You can go here to get certified  If you would like to become an End-of-Life Doula you can go here the cost is $650.00 and if you become a member you get a 10% discount.  The offer scholarships those that qualify.  If the classes are full, you can also go to and take all three doula certification classes.  Each course is $697.00 with a $397.00 deposit and 3 additional payments of $100.00 each.  

If you would like to be one of our sitters and don’t have your certifications but would like to become certified in your field, you can go here for certifications: 


Keep in mind your certifications have to be renewed so keep up with your expiration dates.  All Kinds of Sittin' keeps up with your records as well and if your certification has expired we will remove that badge from your profile.  That doesn't mean you can't still be a sitter, that just means the badge will be removed. 

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Make sure your family members, pets and homes are very well taken care of by the best sitting services available. We will be there for you at the most needed times of your life: vacation, having a baby, family members in the hospital, elders needing a friend, or when you need someone to look after your beloved pets. Our sitters are the best in the business because they are interviewed and vetted, are provided high quality training for certification, and are guaranteed to work in a safe environment. 

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To be the premier, trusted sitter provider nationwide. 

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