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Currently recruiting sitters to fill all positions. For more info, click on the join our team tab

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Tutoring a Student

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Currently recruiting sitters to fill all positions. For more info, click on the join our team tab

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IT’S TIME FOR VACATION!!!  The only problem is you have fur babies!! You don’t want to take your pets with you because they will be left alone in the hotel and it will cost you extra to bring them.  Not only that but you will have to go back to the room every so often to let your babies out and make sure they have food and water. However, if you hire one of our pet sitters, you won’t have to take them with you and you can have piece of mind knowing your fur babies are being very well taken care of.  They will send you a daily report as well as pictures letting you know that your fur baby is doing just fine. This way you can relax and enjoy your vacation to it’s fullest. 

Pregnant? Suppose you need someone there for you during your pregnancy, labor and delivery as well as go home with you after your baby is born to allow you to catch up on your sleep or to help the other children adjust to the new baby but don’t know anyone that does that. A Doula is a trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a mother before, during and shortly after childbirth to help her achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible. The doulas on our website can help you with all of that.

Does your job require you to travel? If so, then you have to leave your house empty for days, weeks or even months at a time.  If you have done this before, you know that a lot of things can go wrong while you are away from home.  Pipes can freeze and burst, gardens die, indoor plants die, pools get dirty, etc.  In order to prevent this, you can hire one of our House Sitters.  They can take care of your pool, garden, plants and make sure everything at your house, inside and out is taken care of.  If you have pets, you can leave them behind as well knowing they are comfortable in their own house instead of a kennel.  

Do you have a loved in the hospital? If you have ever been in the hospital, you know that it can become very confusing at times because the doctors and nurses are throwing all kinds of things at you and it can all run together.  Not only that, but they have been known to make mistakes at times. In this type of situation, it is best to have an advocate that can make sure everything flows smoothly.  Our patient sitters observe and monitor the health condition of patients under the supervision of trained nurses in hospitals or nursing homes. They record the patient’s food and liquid intake, report changes to senior staff, help patients with walking and moving in and out of bed, and assist them with eating or dressing.  Patient Sitters must listen to patient concerns. If the patient has any worries or concerns about how they’re feeling, or if their symptoms are worsening, patient sitters listen to these problems and relay them to the appropriate nurse so that further action can be taken if necessary. The best part about our patient sitters is that they don’t leave during shift change!!! Our patient sitters also work in nursing homes.

Are you or a loved one a Senior Citizen? Once you reach a certain age, your children have grown up and have children of their own.  They aren’t able to spend the quality time with you that they would like to because they have their own family to attend to.  As a result, senior citizens are often lonely.  Our senior sitters will come your house or your loved one’s house and spend quality time there.  They can take the senior citizen to doctor appointments, run errands with them or just sit around the house playing games, listening to music, and just talking with them.  Don’t leave your senior citizen alone at home with nothing to do.  Hire one of our senior sitters to be there for them. 

Stuck at work and can’t let your fur baby out? Our dog walkers are there for you.  They will go to your house, take your fur baby for a walk and make sure they have plenty of food and water.  They will also send you a report as well as a picture of your fur baby so you will know your baby is fine and can have peace of mind.  

Is your child falling behind in school? Nothing is more heartbreaking then to see one of your children struggling in school and knowing they may repeat that grade again next year.  Our tutors at All Kind of Sittin’ can be there for your child. They will spend one on one time with your child helping them to better understand the subject(s) they are struggling with.  Helping your child better understand the subject will help them make better grades on their tests which in turn will help them pass the class as well as the grade they are in.  Let our tutors help your child make better grades in school.

Date Night? Once you have children it is very hard to find time alone with your partner. Every couple needs and deserves a date night.  This will help spice up your love life as well as give you a break from your children.  Our date night sitters are more then willing to help you make this happen.  Give them a call.

School’s Out!!! This is the best time of year for children but can be a nightmare for parents.  Parents will need someone to watch their children during the summer months.  Our babysitters are very well educated in taking care of your child(ren) and they enjoy doing so.  Give one of our babysitters a call and leave the sittin’ to us.

Is working from home and watching your child(ren) overwhelming?  In order to make an income, parents have to work.  Some parents are lucky enough to be able to work from home.  However, if you have children, this can be challenging.  All Kinds of Sittin’ has Mother’s Helpers that can help you watch the children, run errands, do light chores, and prepare meals for you.  Let our Mother’s Helpers take some of the load off of you while you work.  

Do you work 9-5 and need someone to watch your children when they come home from school? Our After School sitters will be more than happy to help you out.  They can help your child(ren) with homework as well as prepare a snack for them.  The sitters can also allow your child(ren) to go outside a run off some of the cooped up in school all day energy before you get home. 

Do you need someone to do your children's laundry, keep your house clean, cook your children's meals, drop off and pick up your children from school or the nursery? Then you don't need a babysitter, you need a nanny. There are different types of nannies: Live-in nanny - Usually, a live-in nanny is responsible for the entire care of the children of their employer. This involves anything from washing the children’s clothes and cleaning the children’s rooms, to assisting homework, and preparing children’s meals, as well as taking children to and from school and activities. Shared nanny - There are families who employ what is referred to as a “nanny share” where two or more families pay for one nanny to take care for the children in each family on a part-time basis. Night nanny - A night nanny often works with children from newborn to five years of age. A night nanny can have a teaching role, helping parents to organize good sleeping patterns, or resolving the sleeping patterns of a child. The Night Nanny works together with the family’s requirements and principles. O

Big Event ahead? Do you have a big event coming up such as a family reunion, a wedding, a trade show, etc. and need several babysitters at once? Our event sitters at All Kinds of Sittin’ can come to your rescue.  They will come to your location and set up 3 fun stations plus a baby station if requested.  The stations consist of arts, games and building.  Our sitters will also feed the children the food you provide and when the event is over, the sitters will give goodie bags to each child.  

Do you need to go away for the night but have children? Our over-night sitters will be very happy to step in and help you out.  They will spend the night with your children making sure they finish their homework, are fed, bathed and ready for bed.  They will spend the night at your house so someone is there in case your child(ren) get sick or scared.  

Do you have a child with special needs? If you are a parent of a child with special needs such as Down Syndrome, Autism, ADHD, etc. then you know how hard it is to find someone to keep your child(ren).  Let us help you with your child while you are at work or just need a break.  

Need to go away for a while but have plants to tend to?  If you need to go away for a little while, whether vacation or business, and you need someone to tend to your plants while you are gone, give one of our plant sitters a call.  They will come in and water your plants, turn your plants so they don't grow in one direction, remove any dead leaves and fertilize if needed. 

If you need more information, simply reach out and we’d be happy to answer your questions. All Kinds of Sittin' is different than most sitter services.  We have a store with our own merchandise.  We create the books for our online courses and we created our own All Kinds of Sittin' T-shirts that sitters and clients can wear.  Not only that but we cross-promote with local businesses. If you would like to cross promote, please contact Lori Plegge at 501-414-2493. Please be sure your business is related to our services. 

Below are some of the things that we do and links to go directly to those pages if you want.  

Online Courses

Babysitting Certification Course

Picture of the cover of the babysitting certification course book

Once you have completed this course, you will be a certified babysitter.  That means you will know babysitting inside and out.  You will learn what to do in an medical emergency, how to care for infants and toddlers as well as older children.

To go to the online course page, just click on the picture and it will take you there. 

How To Become a House Sitter Course

The cover of the "How to Become a House Sitter Course" book

Once you complete this course, you will know what is expected of House Sitters. You will also know how to take care of the homeowner's pet as well as their house.  You will learn how to apply for a housesitting position and what to ask during an interview.  

To go to the online course page, just click on the picture and it will take you there. 

Store Merchandise

Our store at All Kinds of Sittin' has different types of merchandise you can purchase. 

  • Course books

  • Baby Dolls

  • Bags

  • Coffee Cups 

  • Notebooks

  • T-Shirts

  • Backpacks

  • Cell phone cases

  • Masks

  • Laptop covers


Go to our store page and scroll through prev and next to check out our merchandise.  When you see something you like, just click on the buy now button to add it to your cart.  It's that simple. 

To check out our merchandise, just click here and it will take you straight to the store.