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All service providers listed are independent from All Kinds of Sittin', LLC and have paid to be listed in this directory.  Inclusion of a practitioner or service on this list is not an endorsement of any one individual by All Kinds of Sittin', LLC.  Users are encouraged to investigate service providers by checking references and credential themselves. 

Contact Information: 5916 R Street, Little Rock, AR 72207, 501-664-DOGY, If you want to learn more about Doggy Daddy, visit their website:

Doggy Daddy is a locally owned and operated pet market. It is your premier resource for natural, holistic pet food and accessories in Little Rock, Arkansas. They offer a variety of foods and treats that are both natural and holistic for your dogs and cats as well as accessories such as collars, leashes, holistic medicines, and toys. Their company aims to provide you and your furry friends with peace of mind in selecting healthy foods and other products that are good for them.


Doggy Daddy offers its local neighborhood and community high quality products that are manufactured mostly in North America. By focusing on products made in the USA and Canada, they are providing the best quality and safety for your pets. They will not compromise these point for price, ever.


Doggy Daddy proudly carries the following brands:

  • Merrick

  • Blue

  • Stella & Chewy's

  • Orijen

  • Taste of the Wild

  • Nature's Variety

  • Earthborn Holistic

  • Fromm

Doggy Daddy now carries Zignature foods!

Contact Information: Steve Eubanks Veterinarian, 511 S 1st Street, Jacksonville, AR 72076, 501-982-2536. For more information, visit their Facebook page:

Dr. Eubanks is someone the owner's of All Kinds of Sittin' know personally. Cliff Plegge (Lori Plegge's, the owner of All Kinds of Sittin's, husband) used to be partners with Dr. Eubanks in a bug business. Dr. Eubanks is a very good veterinarian and loves animals! When they lived closer to him, Cliff and Lori took Julie (their fur baby) there all the time. They used to even leave her there overnight when they went away for the weekend.


Their services include:

  • Grooming

  • Surgical procedures

  • Vaccinations

Animal hospitals offer general and emergency pet care services. Some animal hospitals offer 24 hour emergency services-call to confirm hours and availability.

Who We Are

Early intervention (0-3) under Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is First Connections. The Department of Human Services, Division of Developmental Disabilities Services is the “lead agency” with administrative oversight. First Connections provides supports and services for families and their children, birth to age three who have special needs. Research shows that this is a critical time of development in the lives of all children. Families of infants and toddlers with special needs can turn to First Connections for information, support, and services to help them assist their child in reaching his/her potential. First Connections is a state-wide, comprehensive early intervention network of qualified, dedicated professionals here to work directly with your family to custom-design a plan with you to meet your child’s and your family’s needs.

We Serve

Infants and toddlers birth to age three with certain levels of developmental delay or a diagnosed condition likely to result in developmental delay and their families. Participation in early intervention is at no cost to families with an eligible infant or toddler.

We Believe

  • Parents and family members are a child’s first teachers and with necessary supports and resources all families can enhance their child’s learning and development

  • Infants and toddlers learn best in their natural environment through every day experiences and interactions with familiar people in familiar contexts with typically developing peers.

  • All children, no matter what their physical, cognitive, or emotional level of development, need meaningful opportunities to develop skills, establish a sense of self, and lay a foundation for life-long learning.

  • All children learning together fosters the potential of every child; children with disabilities have the right to play and learn alongside children without disabilities.

  • The family and their IFSP team collaboratively plans and writes strategies/activities, services, and supports to enhance their child’s participation and learning in natural environments and every day a ctivities, using the child’s and family’s strengths to overcome challenges and to accomplish goals that reflect family priorities for their child’s development.

  • Active family/caregiver participation in the early intervention process is critical to a child’s development with support and training from qualified early intervention service providers.

  • Early intervention is designed to meet the needs of infants and toddlers who have a developmental delay or disability while offering supportive services to the family, like parent education/training to help parents understand their child’s developmental abilities in order to promote their child’s development.


We Offer

Supportive services to families of children (0 to 3) with developmental delay or disability and link families to resources in the community while encouraging parents to become advocates for their child. Parent training and education assists parents in enhancing their child’s development, learning, and growth.

Since children learn best in familiar settings with familiar people doing familiar activities and routines, services are provided within the child’s natural environment. Natural environments are settings that are natural or normal for the child’s age peers who have no disabilities. When services take place, parent and child can be at home or at places within the community like the park, grandparent’s home, or playground. Providers may see your child at his/her daycare or other care provider. Intervention works best when it is incorporated as a part of the everyday routines and activities in which families participate and in places where families would typically be.

Types of Services

  • Assistive Technology/Adaptive Equipment (and AT Services)

  • Audiology

  • Family training, counseling, and home visits

  • Health services

  • Medical services

  • Nursing services

  • Nutrition services

  • Occupational therapy

  • Physical therapy

  • Psychological services

  • Service coordination services

  • Sign language and cued language services

  • Social work services

  • Special instruction (developmental therapy)

  • Speech-language pathology services

  • Transportation and related costs

  • Vision Services


Services Locations

To the maximum extent appropriate, early intervention services, including evaluation and assessment, must be provided in natural environments, defined as home and community settings where children without disabilities participate (34 CFR §303.126). Examples of natural environments include but are not limited to:

  • Home

  • Home of Relative

  • Daycare

  • Babysitter

  • Parks

  • Libraries

  • Early Head Start


A clinic, hospital, service provider’s office, or center in which the majority of children are not typically developing does not meet federal definition of natural environment as a typical environment for an infant or toddler without a disability; therefore, such a setting would not be the natural environment for an infant/toddler with a disability, except during a period of hospitalization for a prolonged illness.

In certain situations, it may not be practicable or appropriate for an infant/toddler with a disability to receive an early intervention service in his/her natural environment and the IFSP team may elect to provide services in a specialized setting to achieve a particular developmental outcome, providing justification on the IFSP for this choice. In these cases, justification as to why a service will not be provided in the natural environment must be documented on the IFSP pursuant to §303.344(d)(1)(ii).

Service Providers

Service providers are certified on the evaluations and services they offer. They can choose to serve in a limited or unlimited number of counties in Arkansas. Families are given a list of providers in their county of residence to choose from when they elect to participate in the program. These provider lists, which change frequently, can be acquired by anyone interested by using the general or specific contact information located on the “Contact” link at the top right of this page.


For initial eligibility determination, infants and toddlers with disabilities and their families participate in a comprehensive, multidisciplinary child and family evaluation and assessment process.

Infants and toddlers (birth to 36 months) are eligible for early intervention under Part C who:

(1) Are experiencing a developmental delay or disability include those who have been evaluated by a multidisciplinary team as having a significant delay in one or more of the following areas of development:

a) Physical, Including Gross and Fine Motor, Hearing and Vision
b) Cognitive
c) Communication
d) Social or Emotional
e) Adaptive Skills

“Significant delay” is defined as a delay of 25% of the child’s chronological age (or greater) in one or more area of development (a-e above).

(2) Have a Diagnosed Physical or Mental Condition 34 CFR §303.21

Infants and toddlers are determined eligible for early intervention under Part C if they have a medically diagnosed physical or mental condition which has a high probability of resulting in developmental delay.


Early intervention services provided to eligible infants and toddlers and their families are financed through multiple funding sources. It is the responsibility of the Service Coordinator to pursue all available resources within the State, including those from Federal, State, local, and private sources. However, prior to accessing First Connections funding for services, other funding sources other than First Connections funds must be utilized first as First Connections is the payer of the last resort.

If a child has public or private insurance, the family must consent prior to usage of private insurance to pay for Part C services. First Connections funds may not be used to duplicate a service already available within the state.

How do I begin?

Anyone with concerns about a child may refer him or her to First Connections, and a service coordinator will contact the parent(s) to discuss concerns, answer questions, and assist the family in obtaining developmental evaluations to determine the child’s current level of functioning, strengths and needs.

For More Information 

Please go to the website: for more information.  

Good Dogma

Mobile Pet Grooming that caters to specialty needs pets.

Contact Info: Jennie Dolph Groomer and Behavioral Consultant 501-952-2976. For more information about Good Dogma, visit their website: They are located in the Little Rock, AR area. 


They provide a calm and confident setting for your pets’ well-being during their brush out, bath, blow-dry, and style of coat. Their behavioral approach accommodates all pets, even those with anxieties towards the grooming process.


We LOVE Good Dogma!!! We use them for Julie, our fur baby. Julie has a heart murmur and Jennifer checks her heart each visit to make sure everything is still ok. They have a confinement free atmosphere. One of the great things about Good Dogma is that you can view your pet's best spa day ever from the comfort of your own home through live streaming. The best part is THEY COME TO YOU!!!


Their grooming services include a health assessment of the condition of your pet’s skin, coat, eyes, ears and teeth. They convey and provide you with a report of their findings, highlighting any issues that may be informative to you regarding symptoms of common medical problems, so that you may consult with your Veterinarian.


They have a V.I.P. (Very Important Pet)Treatment. They take utmost pride in specializing in grooming adult and older dogs with special needs, medical and/or behavioral. Arthritic and/or immobile pets are fitted and provided with a table sling to facilitate standing during the brief grooming process. On a case by case basis, they vow to obliged medical needs’ pets by providing them with whatever comfort necessary. Older dogs often experience an increase of anxiety during the separation from their owners when it comes to grooming time. They provide a very calm atmosphere right outside your home to accommodate their need for security and understanding.


The shampoos they use are veterinary-approved medicated shampoos which cover a broad spectrum of skin irritations and conditions.

Here are some of the things they use:

  • Espree® Luxury Remoisturizer

  • Duox Seborra

  • Duoxo Chlorhexidine

  • Duoxo Calm

  • Malaseb shampoo

  • Douxo cleaner


Here are the packages available:

Full Groom Artistic Styling / Breed Specific Styles:

– Hand clipping and scissored styling – Mild to medicated shampoos, reconditioning treatment – Soothing facial, stress relieving massage – Thorough ear cleaning, nails trimmed/buffed, fluff drying – Assessment of your pet’s skin, coat, eyes, ears and teeth – Finished with suitable accessories and aromatics


Full Bath and Brush Services:

– Light sanitary trimming of the hair – Mild to medicated shampoos, reconditioning treatment – Soothing facial – Thorough ear cleaning, nails trimmed/buffed, fluff drying – Assessment of your pet’s skin, coat, eyes, ears and teeth – Finished with suitable accessories and aromatics.


They will also sex parakeets and clip their wings for you.


Check out their website at for more information. You'll be glad you did.


The pictures below are of Julie Plegge who belongs to Cliff & Lori Plegge (owner of All Kinds of Sittin'). Look how cute she looks.

When you use Good Dogma, tell them you heard about them through All Kinds of Sittin' and tell Jennifer Cliff & Lori Plegge said "hi."

Picture of Julie (dog)
Picture of Julie (dog)
hollywood feed.jfif

Contact Information: 2 locations - 12319 Chenal Parkway Suite A, Little Rock, AR 72211, 501-891-6980 and Cantrell Heights 8212 Cantrell Road, Little Rock, AR 72227 501-221-9873. If you would like more information about Hollywood Feed, visit their website: and type in your store's location.

Hollywood Feed staff consists of highly trained and motivated individuals who collectively share many years of experience in the pet industry, as well as an immense passion for the overall health and wellness of your pets. They will always maintain an adequate and diverse stock, including the ability to special order products and find that “must-have” item just for you. They offer a wide range of holistic products at the best possible price, and always with a smile.


One of the many good things about Hollywood Feed is that they match any competitor's price on identical merchandise!!!


Hollywood Feed offers:

  • Curbside Pick-up

  • Fast, Free Shipping

  • Same Day Delivery

  • Shop in store


Hollywood Feed caters to dogs and cats offering:

  • Dog and cat food

  • Collar & leashes

  • Flea & tick supplies

  • Toys

  • Treats & chews

  • Apparel

  • Beds & blankets

  • Bowls, feeders and fountains

  • Cleaning & waste management

  • Crates & kennels

  • Novelties & home goods

  • Grooming

  • Health & wellness

  • Training

  • Travel

Dr. Andrea Shaw & Dr. Stephenie Kessler - 12115 Arch Street, Little Rock, AR 72206, 501-888-3675. There after hours numbers are 501-224-3784 (LR) and 501-955-0911 (NLR). If you would like to learn more about Landmark Animal Hospital visit their website:

Below is a picture of Dr. Shaw and her assistant holding Julie Plegge, Lori Plegge's (the owner of All Kinds of Sittin') fur baby. There is also another picture ofone of the staff members that work there holding Julie. 

Cliff and Lori take Julie to Landmark Animal Hospital for everything. They used to live closer to the facility but moved. Even though they live further away, Cliff and Lori are willing to drive the extra mile to get the care for Julie that she receives at Landmark.


Julie makes the funniest/cutest noises you will ever hear. Every time Dr. Shaw listens to her heart she gets tickled because of these sounds.

The general services at Landmark Animal Hospital are:

  • Dental Examinations - Brush your pet's teeth

  • Preventative Medicine - They take care of your pets through all of their life stages with their wellness exams and vaccinations.

  • Parasite Control - They take a proactive approach to prevention. They offer heartworm and parasite screenings and treatments.

  • Grooming - They pamper your pet with their minor grooming services like baths, nail clippings and ear cleanings.

  • Client Education - They want you to understand the care your pet is receiving and strive to answer all of your questions.

The specialties at Landmark Animal Hospital are:

  • In house laboratory - same day results for faster treatment. They offer Blood Chemistry and Hematology.

  • In house radiology - Radiographs can be taken and read during your appointment time.

  • Internal medicine - A specialist can come to their clinic to provide Ultrasound, Endoscopy or additional consultation.

  • Surgery - Routine surgery and access to a surgical specialist.



Cliff went to pick up Julie's RX today, without her, and when he got there, the ladies came to the car with this bow and said, "We thought Julie might like this." How sweet was that?! This is one of the many reasons Cliff drives out of the way to take her to Landmark Animal Hospital. Oh, Julie LOVES it by the way! Thank you

Dr. Shaw (vet) with Julie (dog)
Picture of Tori (vet tech) and Julie (dog)
Picture of ribbon Landmark gave Julie (dog)