Picture of Parakeets Jack & Jill

Each week, All Kinds of Sittin' will choose a picture, sent in from our pet sitters and dog walkers, to be the pet of the week. There will be a short biography written about the pet, pictures and a very short video, as well as who his/her owner(s) are. Example below.


In the picture above are Jack (in the back) and Jill (in the front). Jack and Jill are Bungee Parakeets that are still babies. The owners of Jack and Jill are Cliff and Lori Plegge. Lori has always loved birds and while visiting her mother-in-law in the nursing home, she saw a huge area where parakeets were living. She fell in love with the parakeets and while her husband was away for a week staying with his father, Lori went to the pet store and bought her own parakeets. It was supposed to be a surprise but the pet store sent the care instructions to Cliff's email address so the surprise was on her, lol.


Jack and Jill are very interesting birds. Their wings are clipped and they live in a 2 story bird cage. Lori and Cliff open the cage daily to let the birds out while Lori (you notice I didn't say Cliff) cleans out the cage. They usually walk around the house for an hour or two until ready to go back home. It is neat to watch them get back in their cage because there is a plant stand that Lori and Cliff set up in front of the cage and Jack and Jill hop from level to level on the plant stand until they get to the top, which is even with the cage door, and then they hop inside the cage.

Videos need to be actual size and 8 seconds or less

Hope you enjoyed reading about Jack and Jill, our pets of the week.